About Global Cabos

Global Cabos is a company formed by professionals who have more than 15 years experience.

The company has been on the market dealing with Robot spare parts and spot welding machines from automotive industries, wagon and railway industries, oil and petroleum exploration, electrolysis and steel companies.

The company is located in Limeira, state of São Paulo.

Some of the products we make are listed below:

• Bipolar and Unipolar Cables:

Water cooled with terminal ends manufactured from forged copper;

• Shunts and Flexible Shunts

Manufactured from laminated copper or wire ropes;

• Special Shunts:

Tinned wire rope and pressed wire rope for electrical board;

• Ground cable:

Copper or non magnetic stainless steel;

• Water Cooled Cables:

Water to induction furnaces and/or arc furnaces.

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